30 to 60 minute session(s) done at any stage of the day.

This class is designed to cultivate health & happiness in your office. It will help your team develop a greater sense of self-awareness and highe r consciousness. Our mindfulness sessions will enable you to unlock internal peacefulness and clarity of the mind. Mindfulness should be an essential part of any busy corporate's mental he alth & wellness plan.

this course includes:

Introductory workshop

An introductory group workshop designed to introduce, motivate and inspire staff to wellness & happiness concepts. Staff will discover how specific mind and body practices elevate moods, reduce stress and increase overall energy levels

10 week program

A 10 week program with 2 options tailored to your staff. The session length will be tailored to suit your office demands 30-60 minutes):

Program A 1 session per week
Program B 2 sessions per week