Melbourne Bootcamp - 100 Minute Challenge

We aim to burn 1000 calories in 100 minutes in this session. Sounds a bit crazy, right? But trust us, you can do this!

This once-a-month bootcamp is held in the beautiful surrounds of the Melbourne Botanical Gardens.

We initially started up this session as a means to network and meet the partners & friends of our regular Mon-Fri clients but it has since turned into an awesome outdoor experience that we put a lot of time into preparing.

Will I be able to last the 100 minutes?

We haven’t had anyone not make it so far! The session is designed so each participant can literally go as easy or as hard as they like. The feel and vibe of the session is playful and relaxed. A lot of people bring down a mate/partner and go out for breakfast afterwards! If you want to be pushed, we will be push you! If you want to cruise and enjoy being outdoors with some quality training and awesome music – totally fine!

What does the session involve?

The training plan varies from session to session. If there is weight training on the menu, there will be varied weights for beginners – advanced. The music is fun and the class flow is smooth. You may find yourself doing some exercises you’ve never done before, boxing / ropes / Metafit / yoga / weight training / running to name a few!  You may also find yourself networking with some awesome like-minded people!

OK, I’ll give it a crack! What time & what do I bring?

We meet at 8am at the Melbourne Botanical Garden. Register below and we will email you the meeting point and session specifics.

Apart from that all you need is a water bottle and a smile! All valuables/bags will be stored safely in the Trainer’s car prior to the session commencing.

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