12 months went like that!! It’s been just over a year since Tom & I took over GET and we couldn’t be more proud.

We walked into this gig knowing there was huge potential to re-ignite this brand which had proudly been in operation since 2004. The name itself “GET“ had us hooked! 12 months later and we have more than doubled the client port folio and have firmly established ourselves as the market leaders in corporate fitness training.


To our Trainers – You guys are such a joy to work with and we’re so proud of the “A-team” we’ve put together in this short space. Thank you for your unwavering energy, professionalism and honesty. You’re just a great bunch of people who truly love what you do.

To our loyal clients – Thank you for giving us the opportunity to train you every week. It really is a privilege and we are truly grateful for your ongoing support. Special mention goes to Joe Gianfriddo, the crew at Landers and the guys at CSC.

To our new clients – Thank you for choosing us! We hope you enjoy our training and we look forward to working closely with you in the months/years ahead!

To our site champs – Thank you for your passion and like minded approach towards getting your staff out of the office and looking after their health. These programs simply wouldn’t work without your energy and drive. Thank you for working with us and inviting us into your offices.

Here’s to a cracking Spring / Summer period!


Dave & Tom

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