It’s moments like these we need to step back and look at where the ship is heading in our life.

We get so caught up in fixing leaks & dealing with crew members that we too often forget to keep the ship steady & on course. Before too long we inevitably smash into a rock and find ourselves “reacting” to life.

The office environment is so demanding. The technological age we live in makes it this way. We wake up, have a quick coffee and hit the grind from 730am-630pm – throw in kids, instagram, non stop emails, facebook, meetings, family budget and your body has aged another day.

But one thing stays constant – your principles. Staying true to the things that matter most takes discipline and appreciation. I call these “Private Victories”. Behind every great CEO or leader of people there is a common thread that gives these successful people the edge. It’s their unwavering commitment to their deepest core values. Its no surprise that most healthy successful people are generally all just “great people”. Have you noticed this? Think of all the truly successful and inspirational people in your life and I bet they show all of the following four qualities:

  • Smile often
  • Models not critics – they take the road of empathy before judgement
  • Cool persona – they don’t stress about the things they can’t control.
  • They exercise often

So the takeaway message is to just “be a better person”. Wipe the slate clean this spring and work on some more courageous personal goals – some private goals. Let go of the insecurities and fears that are tying you down and ask yourself a better question. If something is getting you down, just ask yourself, does it really matter and focus your energy on things you can control. Pick a time over the weekend to sit down and re-assess where the ship is heading and make some courageous life changing decisions. It may simply be to mediate more, to do a Yoga class, to do some more exercise, to take up a sport, to sleep more, to create more downtime or even plan a holiday.

#livelife #privatevictoriescomebeforepublicvictories

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