I do believe in new years resolutions!

I do believe in new years resolutions!

Happy New Year to you all!

I truly love this time of year. I can’t stand people who nay say an opportunity to goal set??!?!? In my honest humble opinion, the ones who nay say the notion of setting New Years resolutions are the ones who have tried to set new year goals in the past and failed – and are scared to try and fail again.

There is no doubting the end of year new leaf is a significant spiritual time for a lot of people on this planet – it’s in our DNA – but this fear of failure and the negativity that gets placed on the practice of new years resolutions tarnishes what is a very special and powerful opportunity that you should be taking advantage of.

I encourage you to look beyond the negativity and nay sayers this year and take this opportunity to envision what you would like to happen for 2016. If it’s good enough for CEO’s to plan their company vision in advance for the new year it should be good enough for the rest of us!

Everyone now gets the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start again with a clear mindset. It’s now your time to:

  • Block the negativity
  • Set new goals
  • Try again
  • Improve
  • Refocus

Good luck & God bless in 2016