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Starting out as a qualified personal trainer @ 18yrs of age, David quickly developed a special passion for group fitness and for helping and motivating teams in particular.  This passion and experience led to his establishment as one of Melbourne’s leading corporate fitness trainers.  David’s hands on and dedicated approach to training Melbourne’s staff has also led to a specialised knowledge of employee health and wellbeing needs.  With this knowledge, David now designs a suite of corporate wellness programs to cover not only group fitness but a wide range of health and mind-body programs.



Through his early & extensive involvement in semi-professional team sports and his time spent in the Australian Army, David developed an in-depth knowledge of team dynamics and the importance of health & fitness in the team environment. Accepted into the Australia’s most prestigious Military Academy (Duntroon) in 2000, David underwent thorough Military style training and was quickly acknowledged as a stand out for his talent in understanding group dynamics and his ability to use this to lead and motivate teams in their fitness training.  This, together with his unwavering commitment to pushing physical and mental barriers resulted in David being awarded best physical trainer in his first year at the Academy.



After leaving the Army, David re-established his personal training business in Melbourne in 2003. In 2004 he joined forces with Paramount Boot Camps and was a senior instructor for what was the largest bootcamp program in the southern hemisphere in 2004-2005.  Combining his military experience and passion for people, he learnt the art of tailoring group fitness programs to a wide variety of people and has never looked back.



During this time David also became heavily involved in the Melbourne aerobics scene and quickly became well known as one of Melbourne’s most sought-after instructors. By 2006 David was a senior trainer in a wide variety of group fitness classes including Freestyle Step, Spin, Freestyle Power Bar, Tai Bo, Boxacise, and Corporate Fitness including Corporate Bootcamps.  David also specialised in the Les Mills Group Fitness programs including Body Pump, RPM Cycle and Body Combat, becoming a state presenter and instructor mentor.

During 2006 David had established himself as one of the elite group fitness instructors in Australia and travelled the country with the Les Mills Aerobics Team presenting world class aerobics classes. Sponsored by Nike, he delivered intensive weekend training modules for the Les Mills Body Combat Program and  has presented at Filex Sydney, the fitness industry’s premier trade show.



David’s years of experience in the fitness industry highlighted for him not only the vital importance of physical exercise for our mental wellbeing, but also the stark underrepresentation of professionals in his group fitness classes.  David saw this as a major problem and turned his focus to building his corporate wellness business.  He now prides himself on delivering the best product in Melbourne’s corporate wellness industry with unmatched dedication, value, enthusiasm and innovation.


David has two beautiful children ,Oscar and Lily, is a Geelong Cats diehard and spends any possible time off snowboarding the world’s mountains.

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In 2004, Group Exercise Therapy established itself as a leading provider of group fitness programs in Melbourne, specialising in corporate health and wellness.  Group Exercise Therapy currently trains over 500 clients a week in their corporate fitness sessions including:

  • Office Bootcamps
  • Corporate Wellness & Education
  • Private & small group training at our Docklands studio
  • In-office or outdoor Yoga & Pilates
  • Employee Mind-Body & Meditation programs
  • Corporate Health Seminars
  • Employee Health Appraisals
  • Team building
  • Office Running Groups
  • Weekend Corporate Fitness Retreats

Our goal is to improve the physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of employees. We aim to enhance their working environment, reduce absenteeism and staff turnover whilst increasing productivity and efficiency.

Our staff create a concept that employees can relate to; thus guaranteeing high staff participation, increased social interaction and a greater understanding and awareness of health vitality within your organisation.