High Intensity Training Vs Steady State Training

The importance of High Intensity Training

Recently I’ve had lot of clients ask me questions like:

  • Why is high intensity training trending at the moment?
  • If I splurge on junk food, how much longer do I need to exercise for?

Unlike the usual steady state training that requires you to do one activity for an extended period of time, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is composed of doing various vigorous and all-out eff

I do believe in new years resolutions!

Happy New Year to you all!

I truly love this time of year. I can’t stand people who nay say an opportunity to goal set??!?!? In my honest humble opinion, the ones who nay say the notion of setti

GET to know Jacqui!

How old are you?: 48
Married / engaged / in relationship / single?: Married
Any kids that you know of?: 3 kids
How long have you been in the in

Take Action. Don't Give up.

Photo 17-10-2015, 11 16 13 AMI had perhaps one of the most moving moments in my 16 year career this weekend. My client (who we’ll call John) who is pushing 55 years of age, has really hit a flat spot in his life.

What Is The 100min Challenge Bootcamp All About?

100 minute challenge bootcamp session

We aim to burn 1000 calories in 100 minutes in this session. Sounds a bit crazy, right? But trust us, you can do this!

This once-a-month bootcamp is held in the beautiful surrounds of the Melbourne Botanical Gardens.

We initially started u


It’s moments like these we need to step back and look at where the ship is heading in our life.

We get so caught up in fixing leaks & dealing with crew members that we too often forget to keep the ship steady & on course. Before too long we

We are celebrating!

news-412 months went like that!! It’s been just over a year since Tom & I took over GET and we couldn’t be more proud.

We walked into this gig knowing there was huge potential to re-ignite this brand which had proudly been in operation sin

Expansion to Sydney

22We have gone interstate!

We are pleased to welcome on board our first SYDNEY client! Pictured here with our awesome Sydney trainer, Lap.

Congratulations to Amy and her team at Probuild for taking on this awesome initiative with us! We lo


This is a big shout out to all of those who know someone who is struggling with a mental illness. The stigma is gone – we’re in 2015 where 1 in 5 people suffer.

We’re calling out to you


Personal change is hard. Getting lean is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard.

This is a little reminder on why we all train – the reason why we all pay a trainer to push us out of our comfort zones every week.

Its because we have other